October 06,2015

Unified Field’s interactive Bubble Tower has opened at the Strong Museum of Play. The 20-foot tower allows guests to create virtual bubbles that can be moved and popped by motion-capture technology.


October 01,2015

Working in collaboration with exhibit developers, Thinc Design, Unified Field created a multi-touch interactive table game based on the Economist’s Global Food Security Index for the USA Pavilion a

September 30,2015

The new Campaigns of Courage Pavilion at the National WWII Museum takes guests on an immersive multimedia journey through one of the most cataclysmic events in human history.

July 20,2015

The First Lady’s Presidential Delegation to the Milan Expo 2015 visits Unified Field's interactive table.


June 22,2015

Michelle Obama explores the Feeding the Planet Together multitouch table. (Click for video)

June 15,2015

Teamworks media reviews Unified Field's Dog Tag Experience at the National WW2 Museum.

June 02,2015

Graceland has been voted Best Historic Southern Attraction by USA Today. Unified Field created a multi-media iPad tour for Elvis' historic home.

May 05,2015

Unified Field crafted five iconic interactives for the Marvel Experience which invites visitors to fly with Iron Man, climb with Spider-Man, summon the Avengers and smash with the Incredible Hulk.

May 04,2015

Expo Milano’s America Food Pavilion has opened!

Unified Field created an interactive multitouch table game and donor wall for the pavilion.

Click here to read the NY Times story.