Nature Lab

For its 100th anniversary, the L.A. County Natural History Museum embarked on a 5 year transformation that has filled the museum with science, technology and wonder. As part of this transformation, Unified Field Inc. designed and developed several multimedia interactives for the Nature Lab, a permanent exhibition celebrating the biodiversity of Los Angeles and inspires […]

Sony Wonder Technology Lab Dance Motion Capture

At the Sony Wonder Technology Lab’s Dance Motion Capture interactive, visitors can step into a dance pod and bust a move using 3D characters. Using gesture recognition, they select their favorite music and animated character to control. Markerless motion capture technology records the visitors’ movements- first in a rehearsal mode and then in “performance” mode. […]

Sony Wonder Technology Lab Music Mixer Table

Music Mixer is a novel multi-player interactive at the Sony Wonder Technology Lab that unleashes the musical talents of visitors. The 12-foot-long multi-touch table allows up to six visitors to collaborate on a “real-time remix” of a song by Grammy Award winner, Alicia Keys. As visitors play, Alicia encourages them to create their own music […]

Sony Wonder Technology Lab Nano Experience

Unified Field’s interactive nanotechnology exhibit at the Sony Wonder Technology Lab combines video and interactive media to impart the wonders and applications of nanotech. Through a combination of engaging narrative, CGI, striking special effects in the introductory ‘Nanoscale’ video, the abstract concepts and radical scale of nanotechnology become understandable and relevant to the audience. After […]

Hall of Fame Games and Simulations

Unified Field created over 15 games and simulators for the NASCAR Hall of Fame that allow visitors to join the pit crew, call races, customize cars and check engines. To effectively communicate the thrill, power and legacy of NASCAR, Unified Field developed several interactive exhibits that express the style and spirit of the sport of […]