Hardware Design & Integration

We’ve built hundreds of exhibits and interactive environments, so we know which hardware and systems are the most reliable and cost effective. We select the appropriate equipment to fulfill our clients’ visions and work closely with our clients’ installation teams to ensure that software and hardware work in perfect coordination, on time and on budget. We are pleased to work with your AV team or directly specify all the hardware required to create any type of media interactive.

Hero Ventures

The Marvel Experience

We created several interactives for Hero Ventures’ touring exhibit, The Marvel Experience, including two requiring integration of complex hardware configurations. In the first, two hardware systems are integrated with a treadwall to dynamically alter 3D imagery of a building’s façade moving in relative speed to a climber on the wall. The second is a multi-player, multi-sensor, augmented reality experience involving many complex angles. The hardware layout must be flawlessly executed to achieve the stunning illusion of superheroes sharing the same space with visitors.

Wildlife Conservation Society

New York Aquarium

Over the past 15 years we have worked on numerous projects with the Wildlife Conservation Society. We are currently designing interactive media programs and overseeing the development of all digital exhibitry in the $127 million sharks building, which will open at the New York Aquarium in 2017. We worked with the design and build team on the media and interactives for all of the exhibits and consulted on all software and hardware aspects of the exhibition design, ensuring that the physical design, equipment and wiring plans all integrate seamlessly.