Interactive Exhibits

From interactive museum exhibits to multimedia trade show displays and experiential marketing campaigns, Unified Field has created compelling interactive exhibits for public spaces for over 25 years. As pioneers in the field of interactive media design, we believe the best interactive experiences offer visitors intuitive and intriguing points of entry through which they can make meaningful personal connections with content. We work closely with our corporate and museum clients to unearth the stories they want to tell and to identify the best ways to connect with their target audiences. Our unique experiences offer multiple pathways to access content, whether through collaborative or independent exploration, delivered on touch screen kiosks, multitouch tables, interactive media walls or through immersive virtual reality.

Related Companies

Sales Presentation Tool

The real estate development firm Related Companies does work around the world. Business is conducted when customers get talking and Related is able to offer them immediate solutions. We created a presentation system of easily updateable, multitouch interactive programs that convey the scope of Related’s operations. The system dynamically loads all content, allowing staff to change images and videos as well as the structure of information. The programs were created in UltraHD and HD simultaneously. Staff can alter additional variables to yield as many as 24 different versions to play on anything from a laptop screen to a 100” monitor.

White House

Visitor Center

Due to the reality of current security demands, few people will ever get to tour the White House. Unified Field created an interactive program that provides a virtual tour of the building’s rooms and grounds. Paired with a physical 3D model, the virtual tour shows the White House as it exists today as well as how it has developed over time. A content management system lets the National Parks Service easily update information with each new renovation and presidency. The program sets a new standard in Section 508 accessibility compliance, with a custom system that enables every visitor to explore without barrier.

Natural History Museum of LA

Nature Lab

The Nature Lab offers visitors of all ages the opportunity to explore the wildlife in the city. We created seven touch and multitouch interactives that show L.A. from a variety of perspectives. One game puts the visitor in the place of an animal trying to survive and thrive. Another asks the visitor to closely examine and identify a pageant of bugs. A multimedia soundscape lets the visitor compose music by combining city and nature sounds. Interactive animations show how the city’s habitats have changed since the 1800s and whimsically shows how non-native species may have made their way to L.A.

B.B. King Museum

B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center

We created a suite of interactive media programs for the B.B. King Museum that weave a rich story embodying the spirit of innovation that is the Blues. The media resonates with a diverse audience and plays a key role in both the Museum’s programming and outreach efforts. Visitors may take a virtual guitar lesson from B.B. King himself by playing a specially engineered Gibson Guitar. A music mash up activity lets people mix clips, loops, and hooks of hip hop and blues to create a new sound. A database-driven interactive uses multimedia displays to show the connections between the blues and rock ‘n’ roll or gospel.