Multitouch Tables & Media Walls

Multitouch interactive tables and media walls have the power to bring people together with the swipe of a finger. Touch tables and media walls can spark conversations among strangers or encourage families to work together. Unified Field has extensive experience designing multitouch tables and has utilized many different technologies in the process, including using fiducial markers, as well as gesture technology.

Expo Milano

USA Pavilion: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

The multiplayer game we created for the USA Pavilion takes the complicated issue of food security and makes it legible, fun, and appealing to experts and the general public alike. Up to six people can play the fast-paced multitouch game and if a space is left at the table, the computer will play a part, too. The group communicates and shares information to form solutions. Players choose English or Italian and are able to play together without a language barrier.


Sony Wonder Technology Lab Music Mixer Table

We worked closely with the team at Sony to develop a fun experience that would teach people the fundamentals of music. Alicia Keys narrates while music sets the tone for this multitouch table that lets up to eight players create their own unique musical composition. Much as a DJ might manipulate a turntable, players use fiducial markers (objects tagged with unique codes) to select genres and instruments and adjust their mix. We programmed all of the music to ensure limitless combinations, and every one sounds great.

Kennedy Space Center

Space Shuttle Atlantis Attraction

How to share a vast amount of information without overwhelming the casual browser or disappointing the NASA expert? We created two large multi-touch experiences that are visually enticing and organize information in clear, easily accessible ways. A vertical wall focuses on the International Space Station, featuring massive amounts of content, imagery, 3D models, and geographic and live data from space. A wide, console-like multitouch table features information about all 235 space shuttle missions.

National WWII Museum

Air War Table

The multitouch table we created for the National World War II Museum presents select air missions from a birds-eye view, as if they were happening in real time. Totally true to the events of the war, the activity is not a game. Instead, it allows visitors to observe authentic reproductions, unfolding events and related information without altering outcomes. Visitors touch items of interest to uncover behind-the-scenes information. As the action progresses, the available items shift to match the story.