User Interface Design

Unified Field has always provided our clients with the highest quality of user interface design (UI). What makes us unique is that we develop our interface designs off your brand, your style, and the impression that you want to convey. We create digital art that is unique your company or organization. Although all of our interface designs are aesthetically pleasing and intuitive, no two are alike and the variation between clients is vast. Whether you’re a museum, non-profit, or Fortune 500 company. We will start with your desires and any pre-existing style guides and elevate them to create a stunning look that will speak to your audience.


Hall of Fame

NASCAR has a strong brand that features bold colors and highly detailed imagery. Unified Field carried these through and adapted them to fit with the open, airy and clean feel of the Hall itself. The result is a bold, clean look that has plenty of action for racing fans.

Yale School of Management

Digital Signage

The new building of the Yale School of Management has a large, open, modern feel. Unified Field worked to incorporate this with their respected history and professional reputation as well as Yale's desire to make a bold statement with the media. The resulting visualizations are strong, colorful and clean.

Expo Milano

USA Pavilion: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

The U.S. State department wanted to convey a lot of food security information for the EXPO in Milan on a multitouch table, but at the same time they needed it to be beautiful and fun. Unified Field created a design that delivered all of the information without cluttering or interfering with a engaging visual experience.

National WWII Museum

Campaigns of Courage Pavilion

The National World War II museum wanted a large multiple screen, multitouch table that could allow users to explore a number of important allied air missions of WWII. The challenge was to provide a wealth of data and information while still making an experience that felt like you were experiencing the mission in real-time. With custom mission briefings and carefully designed animation sequences, Unified Field created a dynamic, stylized system that flows through the missions while still allowing visitors access to many levels of information.