Visitor Customization & Tracking

Using the powerful combination of RFID or beacon systems and back-end databases, we are able to leverage assets in new ways and create compelling experiences that unfold as a visitor moves through a space. The technology is aware of the visitor’s choices and pathway and responds intelligently, customizing each interface accordingly. This system memory also enables the visitor to save information for later viewing. Equally important, the institution has a comprehensive record of each visitor’s choices, which can be used to forge ongoing relationships via email or to evaluate the effectiveness of the experience.


Hall of Fame

The RFID system at the Hall of Fame lets the visitor choose a NASCAR celebrity to host their visit. It also enables them to save digital souvenirs to view later on the web. The visitor starts by choosing their host and designing a personalized racecar helmet. As they visit each interactive, their host appears on video to explain the activity and remind them that their scores are being tracked to determine what NASCAR career best suits their talents, from driver to crew chief. Visitors save their creations and points for use during return visits or in online activities on a fan website.


Sony Wonder Technology Lab

The personalized experience at Sony Wonder is made possible by a Sony Felica card system (similar to RFID technology). The visitor begins by registering at a check-in station where they take a self-portrait, enter their name and choose a visual style they’d like to see at all of the interactives. As they go from one activity to the next, the card ensures that they are greeted with their name, photo, musical preference, and selected visual style. The system also lets the visitor move assets from one station to another to build new creations.

National WWII Museum

Campaigns of Courage Pavilion

Each visitor to the NWWII Museum is issued a plastic dog tag with RFID. Using their personal email to register the tag, they are now ready to select an individual service member’s story to follow throughout their visit and to save media assets to view from home via a related website. Moreover, they can use the same dog tag on repeat visits to save additional assets to their collection. The museum uses the record of each visitor’s choices to customize post-visit email communications.


iPad Tour

The iPad tour app uses iBeacons to offer visitors location-based music, video and interactive features. On busy days, it guarantees each visitor a rich experience and unobstructed views, no matter where they stand. It also enables staff to regulate visitor flow by adjusting the amount of content accessible in each location. Visitors save media to review at the end of the tour and email themselves select digital souvenirs. The iPad tour app and its wealth of materials offer a strong motivation to return to Graceland.