Arizona State Law School Pulse App is an innovate app that allows students and faculty to connect to Arizona State’s new law school building with their mobile devices.

Unified Field & Ennead Architects Debut The Future of Law School: ASU BCLS Mobile APP


Unified Field is pleased to announce the debut of a groundbreaking educational and community building tool, created to take the pulse of Arizona State University’s new state-of-the-art Beus Center for Law and Society building, designed by Ennead Architects and Jones Studio for the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law.


Unified Field Interactive Studio Arizona State Pulse App


“Technology is also adding another layer to the school’s emphasis on communication. An opt-in app developed in partnership with Unified Field, my BCLS, works with a series of beacons placed throughout the building to help people find friends, and start conversations around conferences and legal questions.” –, Click to read the story

The Pulse of Campus Life


Unified Field’s experience designers and software developers created the app to provide wayfinding through the new building, to support existing social and event activities, and to encourage greater connectivity within the Center for Law and Society. The app enables faculty, staff, students, prospective students, alumni and guests to connect with each other and approximately 30 screens that make up the building’s digital signage system, while also providing dynamic directions through the space. The app creates a digital campus within the physical campus.

Arizona State Law School Pulse App is an innovate app that allows students and faculty to connect to Arizona State’s new law school building with their mobile devices.

The innovative BCLS app allows students and faculty to connect to Arizona State University’s Beus Center for Law and Society building with their mobile devices.


Packed with university information and pragmatic tools such as contact management, profiles, calendars, notifications of law school information, groups formed by app users, maps and directions, the app allows unprecedented access to the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law’s resources and inhabitants. Content most relevant to a user’s interests appears in the customizable newsfeed, and – based on individual preferences – users receive suggestions for groups to join and people to meet.  In addition, the app provides users with frequently updated visualizations that track the most frequent ideas and interests of people, groups, and events, providing a ‘pulse’ of information and trends.


The BCLS App fosters a sense of greater connectivity between students, faculty, alumni and their mobile devices. People can now connect and communicate with each other and even the building itself, leading to a new type of community, previously unknown in a university setting or public space.”- Eli Kuslansky, Chief Strategist, Unified Field


Students, faculty and guests can use their mobile devices to connect with over 30 screens in the Beus Center for Law and Society.

Students, faculty and guests can use their mobile devices to connect with over 30 screens in the Beus Center for Law and Society.

Beacon Activated


Beacons located throughout the Law School building enable users to become part of a digital campus, providing a window into the life of the building. Users can find the location of students, faculty and guests – who have opted in to being seen – in the building in real time. App users are greeted by name at the interactive signage, and they will be able to use the app to stream audio related to the content shown on passive screens . A dynamic wayfinding feature issues directions to find both locations and other app users in the building, ensuring no one will ever get lost.


Unified Field engineers strategically placed beacons throughout the building.

Unified Field engineers strategically placed beacons throughout the building.


Unified Field Interactive ACLS Arizona State Law and Society Mobile App


“Unified Field developed the BCLS Mobile App that complements content on the digital displays located throughout the building. When walking near a digital display, app users will see their name on the digital display, which also will let app users know where colleagues are in the building.” –Phoenix Business Journal, Click to read the story

Key App Features


The BCLS App provides a snapshot of the law school at any given moment and aggregates that data to provide a portrait over time. Users choose personal keywords as a part of their profiles, and they are encouraged to add keywords to their private groups and events. When aggregated with other user’s data, the keywords provide a topic-centric portrait of the building.


Highly customizable, the app contains tools such as the personalized newsfeed and notifications about job postings related to the user’s interests. Suggestion lists of people to meet and groups to join are fueled by keyword affinity; the app compares the user’s personal, group, and event keywords to those being used by others.


The app offers a direct portal to campus life. Features include information on the various law-related groups that occupy the building, and on the Law School’s degrees, programs, clinics and externships. Users are provided with a full directory of staff, students, and guest app users, and a directory of BCLS public groups. Users receive tools to manage their profile, create and manage groups, manage calendars, create events, and RSVP to both public and private events. Wayfinding tools offer maps and directions, orienting users to all 6 floors of the new building and consistently connecting users to the physical space they inhabit, while they interact with one another digitally


Users can tag themselves and their events with relevant keywords. When aggregated with other user’s data, keywords will provide a topic centric portrait of school activity. Over time, the app will provide suggestions based on their keyword preferences.


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Project Team

Design Architect and

Architect of Record Ennead Architects

Design Partner Tomas Rossant AIA

Management Partner Timothy Hartung FAIA

Project Manager Felicia Berger AIA, LEED AP

Project Designer Brian Masuda AIA

Project Architect M. Gregory Clawson AIA, LEED BD+C

Project Team Michael Caton, Alfonso Gorini, Wanlika Kaewkamchand, Eliza

Montgomery, Adam Sheridan, Natasha Skogerboe, Brent Stringfellow,

Margaret Tyrpa, Joanna Williams

Local Architect Jones Studio, Inc.

Lead Designer Brian Farling AIA

Principal-in-Charge Neal Jones AIA, LEED AP

Project Team Jacob Benyi, Dan Childers, Eddie Curiel, Melissa Farling,

Aaron Forbes, Rob Huff, Eddie Jones, Joanna Noonan, Bill Osborne,

Maria Salenger, Eric Watson

Consultant Team

Structural Buro Happold Engineering

MEP/FP Buro Happold Engineering

Lighting Design Buro Happold Engineering

Sustainability Buro Happold Engineering

Landscape Colwell Shelor Landscape Architecture

Civil Dibble Engineering

Geotechnical Ninyo & Moore

AV/Telecom/Acoustics McKay Conant Hoover Inc., JBA Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Graphics Poulin + Morris, Inc.

Code Hughes Associates

Cost Estimating Construction Cost Management Consultancy (CCMC)

Parking Walker Parking Consultants

Specifications Construction Specifications Inc.

Renderer Atchain

Construction Manager DPR Construction