Unified Field Revolutionizes Graceland Mansion with iPad Tour


To celebrate the life and legacy of Elvis Presley™, Graceland® contracted Unified Field to completely modernize the audio guide at the Graceland Mansion into a multimedia tablet app driven by iBeacon technology, presenting a fully immersive experience for Elvis™ fans of all ages  Provided to all guests visiting the mansion, the new iPad tour takes historic home tours into the next generation,  converting the Graceland tour  into a state-of-the-art, multimedia experience. Available in nine languages, including Japanese, Mandarin and Portuguese, and narrated by celebrated actor and Elvis fan John Stamos, the app is the ultimate personalized Graceland tour.


“Elvis was well known for being not only an early adopter, but a first adopter, and loved bringing the newest technology to Graceland…” said Joel Weinshanker, Managing Partner of Graceland LLC, in an official Graceland press release. “We are proud to continue this legacy by bringing cutting-edge iPad and iBeacon technology to music’s most iconic landmark, and offering our guests a richer, deeper and more comprehensive tour experience.”


Graceland Tablet Tour Unified Field 1

Extremely popular on Trip Advisor, the Graceland iPad tour is a multimedia tour of Elvis’ home.


Powered by iBeacon Technology

iBeacons secreted throughout Graceland’s rooms and grounds allow guests to interact with physical spaces within the mansion. A hyper accurate ranging and micro-location tracking system with ranges from two inches to 160 feet, iBeacon works by monitoring Bluetooth beacons located throughout Graceland, allowing guests to interact with physical spaces inside the mansion.


Gracland Tablet Tour Beacon

ibeacon’s hidden throughout Graceland serve visitors interactive content.


iBeacons function as a content delivery system, transmitting room specific media to the iPads in the form of interactive “hotspots”, allowing guests access to audio, video, photographs, text/trivia,  photo opportunities, and QVTV 360 degree panoramic views. At Graceland, beacons transmit unique content for each room, allowing Graceland to leverage rarely seen archival footage. Visitors can watch Elvis’s home movies in the actual rooms where the events occurred. The app treats guests to footage of Elvis’s first Christmas at Graceland, birthdays, backyard fireworks, the king™’s fleet of cars, movie trailers, television appearances and a home movie of his wedding to Priscilla among other rarely seen private moments.




Other features allows guests to “favorite” selected content found on the tour to review and share at the conclusion of their tour experience. Most importantly, the tablet tour has been proven to be a huge hit with visitors, based on research with guests on site and also from reviews on


Graceland Tablet Tour Unified Field 2

Interactive content allows guests to explore Graceland on their own terms.

Tweens, Kids and Graceland 360

Other hotspots in the tour allow guests to view roped off rooms from different perspectives using QuickTime VR (QTVR) – 360 degree panoramic camera views. In addition to hotspots, Graceland offers an experience for kids and tweens for the first time ever via a separate iPad Youth tour, featuring interactive activities geared for younger visitors unfamiliar with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll™. The “Elvis Photobomb” feature permits guests to use their tablet to drag, drop and resize iconic images of Elvis into photographs they’ve taken at the mansion, allowing visitors a once in a lifetime opportunity to strike a pose with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.



Our Tweens tour allows guests to drop Elvis into their selfies.


About Unified Field

For over 20 years, has crafted some of the most compelling digital experiences for cultural institutions, non-profits and Fortune 500 Companies across the globe. The interactive design firm uses media technology to transform physical spaces and information into artistic experiences that are user-centric, intuitive and beautiful. Recent clients include: Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Atlantis Attraction, the Yale School of Management, General Electric, National Geographic, Sony Wonder Technology Lab and many others.


About Graceland and Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.

Elvis Presley’s Graceland, in Memphis, is music’s most important and beloved landmark, with hundreds of thousands of fans from around the world visiting the historic home each year. Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE) manages the operations of Graceland, its related properties, including the recently announced Guest House at Graceland, a 450-room hotel recently announced, as well as the Graceland Archives, featuring thousands of artifacts from Elvis’ home and career. EPE also produces and licenses Elvis-themed live events, tours and attractions worldwide. Graceland Holdings LLC, led by managing partner Joel Weinshanker, is the majority owner of EPE. In 2013, Graceland was voted the #1 Iconic American Attraction by USA Today and readers. For more information on EPE and Graceland, visit