Dogs! A Science Tail

California Science Center

Play with the science, history and indelible bond humans have with dogs.

They’re cute, they’re smart, and they have some superpower sensors. Visitors around the country now can explore the science, the history and the indelible bond we have with dogs. Working together with the museum and Evidence Design, Unified Field created 17 digital and physical interactives, linear films and immersive soundscapes that range from the whimsical to the serious and heart-warming, allowing guests to see like a dog, hear like a dog, run like a dog and so much more. Here there are individual and multi-player games, crowdsourced activities, and several ways to bond and interact with virtual and real dogs in engaging and delightful ways. This traveling exhibit is inclusive and accessible for children and adults and makes science education fun. Everything in the exhibit is in English and Spanish and we built a mobile app, which uses IBeacon technology to provide ADA compliant standards and support visitors with physical limitations.

SEDG Interactive Experience Honor 2022


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Client Name
Client Name

Unified Field created rich and engaging interactives that continue to inspire our audiences to make a significant impact.

Melanie Pearlman
President and CEO
The Cell

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