JetBlue Junior PlaySpace


Welcome children to the fantasy of travel even before they take flight.

To alleviate the difficulties of air travel with young family members, Unified Field partnered with JetBlue and Lee Skolnick Architecture + Design to create a one of a kind children’s playroom in Kennedy Airport’s Terminal 5. For the project, Unified Field created a host of interactive experiences including a flight simulator which allows children to pilot a flight from New York to San Juan with a Jetliner Boeing 737 yoke, a painstaking reproduction of the iconic flight control system. While one child pilots the aircraft though a whimsical digital environment created by Unified Field’s 3D modelers, another child in the copilot’s seat can announce an inflight speech over the intercom.  Nearby, a series of interactive plane windows allow children to explore several multimedia landscapes of Jetblue destinations. Two augmented reality viewers overlooking the tarmac allow children to investigate the history of flight. All of these experiences have been designed for children, as young as 2 years old, to enjoy the experience while older children can explore additional features, reading is not required for individual play.

SEDG Interactive Experience Honor 2022

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