Space Shuttle Atlantis Attraction

Kennedy Space Center

Virtually venture into space and explore the Space Shuttle Atlantis through time.

The Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibition at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center brings to life the history and accomplishments of the 30-year shuttle program and the International Space Station (ISS) program. Unified Field created 11 interactive programs including large-scale multimedia walls, simulators, and augmented reality viewers. Visitors can explore every mission and astronaut of the shuttle program through imagery, video, text, graphics and 3D models on a multi-user interactive wall. At another multi-user media wall, visitors investigate an interactive 3D model of the assembly of the International Space Station along with related animations, historical information and live feeds from space. A set of simulation programs enable visitors to try their hand at controlling a robotic arm in order to capture satellites, pilot the shuttle to dock it with the ISS, learn to operate a virtual VAB crane, or don a digital space suit to venture out into space. Visitors may also explore Atlantis via augmented reality viewers that reveal structures such as the Orbital Maneuvering System, the cockpit, and the RS-25 cryogenic rocket engine. Produced in collaboration with PGAV Exhibit Design.

SEDG Interactive Experience Honor 2022

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