Social Lab

Museum of Tolerance LA

Encourage social responsibility to act in the face of intolerance.

The Social Lab facilitates connections and provides local and global perspectives to build awareness of pressing issues, encouraging social responsibility to act in the face of intolerance. In this space individuals and groups safely explore shifting perspectives by moving through 16 interactive and linear experiences and media driven activities, each thematically building upon the next. The experiences were developed not to shy away from difficult conversations, or dictate a belief system, but aim to widen our perspectives and open up dialogue with each other. The experiences offers hope that we re-enter our communities with our hearts and minds more open than we entered.

SEDG Interactive Experience Honor 2022


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Client Name
Client Name

Working with Unified Field was inspirational. Their innovation and quality work speaks for itself. They are top of their class!

Sue Burden
Museum of Tolerance

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