Children’s Play Area

Air travel can be stressful, especially for children. To alleviate the difficulties of air travel with young family members, Jetblue, in partnership with Lee Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership, created a unique children’s playroom in Kennedy Airport’s Terminal 5. Unified Field created a host of interactive experiences including a flight simulator which allows children to […]

Space Shuttle Atlantis Augmented Reality

At the center of the Space Shuttle Atlantis Attraction, the 153,996 pound Atlantis orbiter is suspended from the ceiling. To allow guests to explore inside Atlantis, Unified Field created markerless augmented reality viewers that pan, scan, and investigate the space shuttle to reveal hidden structures like the Orbital Maneuvering System, the cockpit, and the RS-25 […]

Space Shuttle Atlantis Attraction

The Space Shuttle Atlantis Attraction at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center brings to life the history and accomplishments of the 30-year shuttle program and the related 15-year International Space Station (ISS) program. Unified Field’s designers, writers and software engineers created 11 interactive programs for the award winning permanent exhibit, including large-scale multimedia walls, gesture simulations, and augmented […]

The Marvel Experience

The Marvel Experience, produced by Hero Ventures, is the world’s first hyper reality roadshow where guests can join the Marvel Universe. Encompassing a 2-acre complex of more than 80,000 square feet, seven colossal inflatable domes house a labyrinth of next generation media and interactive technology. Unified Field worked closely with the Hero […]

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Creating a truly memorable experience can be achieved by immersing a visitor in an exciting environment, or giving them a chance to see or do something out of the ordinary. With augmented reality, a visitor can manipulate and examine 3D imagery of objects that they could not normally touch. With virtual reality, the visitor is […]