Your Brain

The largest permanent exhibition in the new $41 million, 53,000-square-foot Nicholas and Athena Karabots Pavilion, “Your Brain” at the Franklin Institute, escorts visitors through the recesses and biology of the human mind. Unified Field created over thirty interactives for the exhibit, which challenge visitors to use their brains to learn about their brain. […]

Beyond Rubik’s Cube

Created for the 40th anniversary of the world’s bestselling puzzle, Beyond Rubik’s Cube at the Liberty Science Center, celebrates the life and invention of Erno Rubik. For the project, Unified Field created two interactive, life-sized, puzzle games, which involve guests in solving problems using their minds and bodies. Now a traveling exhibit, Beyond Rubik’s Cube […]

Gesture Recognition

Unified Field’s gesture recognition software can transport museum guests and corporate clients to new worlds. Visuals and sounds respond to a visitor’s motion and gestures, creating a sense of wonder and delight that quickly leads to deeper engagement. By waving their arm or moving their whole body, gesture technology lets visitors navigate through information, travel […]