Tour Weeksville: An App Grows in Brooklyn

This fall the Weeksville Heritage Center (WHC) and Unified Field, creators of the official Graceland iPad Tour, have launched a pilot program to crowdfund an iPad tour of the Weeksville Heritage Center in Brooklyn, New York. Weeksville Heritage Center, Brooklyn’s largest African-American cultural institution, is a multidisciplinary museum dedicated to preserving the history of the […]


The spirit of Western Canada’s 19th century pioneers defines the interactive experience that we developed for the Glenbow Museum in Calgary, Alberta. Our lead program, focused on the difficulties of early ranching, enables visitors to navigate a compelling historical “maverick” of their choosing through a series of ever-changing choices and challenges presented by the frontier.  […]

Digital Signage and Digital Wayfinding

Digital signage can be one of the most valuable assets for promoting a museum’s brand identity to create a sense of arrival for visitors. As part of the New York Historical Society’s three year, $70 million renovation, Unified Field Interactive Studio worked with the museum’s marketing department to select iconic visuals from the NY Historical […]

Corporate Lobby

From the telegraph to the information age, Western Union has always been the gold standard of economic exchange and information services. To illustrate their gripping history, Western Union commissioned Unified Field to create a suite of interactive experiences for their corporate lobbies around the United States. Using their extensive photo archives, we fashioned a multi-user, […]

Space Transportation System Multitouch Table

Six 52” interactive mutitouch montiors place the history of the Space Shuttle Program right at your fingertips. Multiple visitors can simultaneously explore, learn and share stories about each mission, every astronaut, and the nail biting moments that kept the folks at mission control on the edge of their seats. Unified Field produced a multitouch experience […]

B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center Music Stations

At the B.B. King Museum, content comes to life in a stream of graphics, image, film and sound that flows like the lambent passage of the Mississippi River, demonstrating the close call-and-response kinship between deliverance and “the devil’s music”. Unified Field situates the blues in today’s mash up culture by enabling visitors to be a […]

Hall of Fame Games and Simulations

Unified Field created over 15 games and simulators for the NASCAR Hall of Fame that allow visitors to join the pit crew, call races, customize cars and check engines. To effectively communicate the thrill, power and legacy of NASCAR, Unified Field developed several interactive exhibits that express the style and spirit of the sport of […]

Hall of Fame HardCard RFID

Fan’s strong personal connection to the sport is an integral part of NASCAR, and the Hall of Fame wanted to leverage and support those connections. In response, Unified Field developed a custom RFID system that allows each visitor to have a small keepsake RFID card, named a Hardcard, that can be used to customize their […]