International Space Station Media Wall

In addition to our Space Shuttle Media Wall, the ISS multi-touch interactive media wall focuses on the story of the International Space Station (ISS). Packed with information, such as interactive 3D models, images, animations, video and live feeds from space, the ISS Media Wall provides both a real time as well as a historic look […]

Space Shuttle Atlantis Attraction

The Space Shuttle Atlantis Attraction at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center brings to life the history and accomplishments of the 30-year shuttle program and the related 15-year International Space Station (ISS) program. Unified Field’s designers, writers and software engineers created 11 interactive programs for the award winning permanent exhibit, including large-scale multimedia walls, gesture simulations, and augmented […]

Sony Wonder Technology Lab

Sony Wonder Technology Lab is a free attraction in NYC that serves a diverse audience of mostly school-aged children. Here, they discover fun, hands-on activities designed to nurture curiosity about technology and entertainment. Unified Field designed and developed 14 multimedia interactives for the Lab. Visitors work individually and collaboratively to create motion capture and digital […]

Hall of Fame

Visitors to the NASCAR Hall of Fame are put in the driver’s seat, thanks to the RFID system and interactive media exhibits created by Unified Field. Visitors select a NASCAR driver to guide them as they explore and compete in multi-player challenges, earning points to claim their position in the NASCAR ranks. The highly interactive 40,000-square-foot […]

Visitor Center

The visitor center provides audiences with virtual access to the White House. Unified Field designed a rich, multimedia interactive that enables people to explore the building while learning about the presidencies. A 360-degree virtual tour opens ten rooms, from the Oval Office to the kitchen, for exploration. An interactive timeline takes visitors on a journey […]

American Competitiveness Conference

To showcase GE’s history of innovation and its contributions to the economy, Unified Field created an immersive interactive environment that fosters collaboration. We designed media that integrated seamlessly with the installation’s curving architectural forms. Years later, GE continues to use this media to demonstrate their work around the world. Produced in collaboration with Thinc Design […]

Multitouch Tables & Media Walls

Multitouch interactive tables and media walls have the power to bring people together with the swipe of a finger. Touch tables and media walls can spark conversations among strangers or encourage families to work together. Unified Field has extensive experience designing multitouch tables and has utilized many different technologies in the process, including using fiducial markers, […]

Interactive Exhibits

From interactive museum exhibits to multimedia trade show displays and experiential marketing campaigns, Unified Field has created compelling interactive exhibits for public spaces for over 25 years. As pioneers in the field of interactive media design, we believe the best interactive experiences offer visitors intuitive and intriguing points of entry through which they can make […]