Ocean Wonders: Sharks!

Shark Week arrives early this year in Coney Island!

This weekend the Wildlife Conservation Society debuts Ocean Wonders: Sharks! at the New York Aquarium. The 57,500-square-foot-space holds more than 800,000 gallons of water and […]

Stern School of Business

Unified Field developed a multi-installation visual montage to showcase how NYU Stern School of Business is putting theory into practice and creating real world results. The installation includes four separate digital displays. The main display poses thought-provoking questions and dynamic illustrated montages of the topics, markets, people, locations and impacts that are explored at NYU […]

Hall of Fame Games and Simulations

Unified Field created over 15 games and simulators for the NASCAR Hall of Fame that allow visitors to join the pit crew, call races, customize cars and check engines. To effectively communicate the thrill, power and legacy of NASCAR, Unified Field developed several interactive exhibits that express the style and spirit of the sport of […]

Hall of Fame HardCard RFID

Fan’s strong personal connection to the sport is an integral part of NASCAR, and the Hall of Fame wanted to leverage and support those connections. In response, Unified Field developed a custom RFID system that allows each visitor to have a small keepsake RFID card, named a Hardcard, that can be used to customize their […]

USA Pavilion: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

At the USA Pavilion, Unified Field’s media pieces sparked conversations about food security and policy. A multi-player game collaboratively involves people to solve problems contributing to world hunger. Working together, players easily learn about this complex subject and have fun doing so. English and Italian speakers play together without a language barrier. Across the room, […]

Headquarters Public Space

Unified Field created two stunning data visualizations for IAC’s headquarters. In the lobby, a real time, interactive, ultra-high-resolution globe shows web traffic and operational statistics of IAC’s businesses. Facing the West Side Highway, a large-scale media wall responds to every request made on Ask.com, growing a corresponding virtual blade of grass and changing mood and […]

Multitouch Tables & Media Walls

Multitouch interactive tables and media walls have the power to bring people together with the swipe of a finger. Touch tables and media walls can spark conversations among strangers or encourage families to work together. Unified Field has extensive experience designing multitouch tables and has utilized many different technologies in the process, including using fiducial markers, […]