Real Estate Sales Tool

The real estate firm Related Companies develops, owns and operates properties around the world. Business is conducted when customers start talking and Related is able to offer them immediate solutions. Unified Field created a presentation system of easily updateable, multitouch interactive programs that convey the scope of Related’s operations. The system dynamically loads all content, […]

Dinosaur Hall

Opened in 2011 as part of the L.A. County Natural History Museum’s sweeping, $135 million dollar centennial renovation, the 14,000-square foot Dinosaur Hall has taken its place among the great dinosaur exhibits of the world. For the new wing, Unified Field created a number of multimedia interactives packed with 3D animations, digital soundscapes, interactive movies, […]

Corporate Lobby

From the telegraph to the information age, Western Union has always been the gold standard of economic exchange and information services. To illustrate their gripping history, Western Union commissioned Unified Field to create a suite of interactive experiences for their corporate lobbies around the United States. Using their extensive photo archives, we fashioned a multi-user, […]

Space Transportation System Multitouch Table

Six 52” interactive mutitouch montiors place the history of the Space Shuttle Program right at your fingertips. Multiple visitors can simultaneously explore, learn and share stories about each mission, every astronaut, and the nail biting moments that kept the folks at mission control on the edge of their seats. Unified Field produced a multitouch experience […]

Nature Lab

For its 100th anniversary, the L.A. County Natural History Museum embarked on a 5 year transformation that has filled the museum with science, technology and wonder. As part of this transformation, Unified Field Inc. designed and developed several multimedia interactives for the Nature Lab, a permanent exhibition celebrating the biodiversity of Los Angeles and inspires […]

Sony Wonder Technology Lab Music Mixer Table

Music Mixer is a novel multi-player interactive at the Sony Wonder Technology Lab that unleashes the musical talents of visitors. The 12-foot-long multi-touch table allows up to six visitors to collaborate on a “real-time remix” of a song by Grammy Award winner, Alicia Keys. As visitors play, Alicia encourages them to create their own music […]

Hall of Fame Games and Simulations

Unified Field created over 15 games and simulators for the NASCAR Hall of Fame that allow visitors to join the pit crew, call races, customize cars and check engines. To effectively communicate the thrill, power and legacy of NASCAR, Unified Field developed several interactive exhibits that express the style and spirit of the sport of […]

Hall of Fame HardCard RFID

Fan’s strong personal connection to the sport is an integral part of NASCAR, and the Hall of Fame wanted to leverage and support those connections. In response, Unified Field developed a custom RFID system that allows each visitor to have a small keepsake RFID card, named a Hardcard, that can be used to customize their […]

International Space Station Media Wall

In addition to our Space Shuttle Media Wall, the ISS multi-touch interactive media wall focuses on the story of the International Space Station (ISS). Packed with information, such as interactive 3D models, images, animations, video and live feeds from space, the ISS Media Wall provides both a real time as well as a historic look […]

The Marvel Experience

The Marvel Experience, produced by Hero Ventures, is the world’s first hyper reality roadshow where guests can join the Marvel Universe. Encompassing a 2-acre complex of more than 80,000 square feet, seven colossal inflatable domes house a labyrinth of next generation media and interactive technology. Unified Field worked closely with the Hero […]