Hall of Fame HardCard RFID

Fan’s strong personal connection to the sport is an integral part of NASCAR, and the Hall of Fame wanted to leverage and support those connections. In response, Unified Field developed a custom RFID system that allows each visitor to have a small keepsake RFID card, named a Hardcard, that can be used to customize their […]

Hall of Fame

Visitors to the NASCAR Hall of Fame are put in the driver’s seat, thanks to the RFID system and interactive media exhibits created by Unified Field. Visitors select a NASCAR driver to guide them as they explore and compete in multi-player challenges, earning points to claim their position in the NASCAR ranks. The highly interactive 40,000-square-foot […]

Campaigns of Courage Pavilion

From the home front to the streets of Berlin and the jungles of Guadalcanal, the new Campaigns of Courage Pavilion at the National WWII Museum invites museum guests on an immersive interactive journey through the most cataclysmic event in human history.

Unified Field created a suite of more than 25 interactives for the new Road […]

Visitor Customization & Tracking

Using the powerful combination of RFID or beacon systems and back-end databases, we are able to leverage assets in new ways and create compelling experiences that unfold as a visitor moves through a space. The technology is aware of the visitor’s choices and pathway and responds intelligently, customizing each interface accordingly. This system memory also […]