Unlock the secrets of the Rubik’s Cube

Liberty Science Center
Beyond Rubik’s Cube

Two interactives with gesture recognition software, puzzle solving and music remixing.


Created for the 40th anniversary of the world’s bestselling puzzle, Beyond Rubik’s Cube at the Liberty Science Center, celebrates the life and invention of Erno Rubik. For the project, Unified Field created two interactive, life-sized, puzzle games, which involve guests in solving problems using their minds and bodies. Now a traveling exhibit, Beyond Rubik’s Cube is set to tour the world.

Solve Digital Puzzles

The Brain Moves interactive allows visitors to move their bodies while learning about their minds. The gesture based games challenge guests with a series of puzzle games inspiring them to use three types of intelligence: spatial reasoning, pattern recognition and short term working memory.

Gesture Based Interactive Games

A Microsoft Kinect enables guests to use arm gestures to control the rotation of puzzle pieces, recreate patterns, and match colors in a Simon-like game.

Mesmerizing Interface

Unified Field designed and developed the complete games for two interactive exhibits in Beyond Rubik’s Cube.

Compose a Symphony

Using two Rubik’s Cubes, guests can compose their own interactive experience. Spinning the oversized Rubik’s Cubes, guests lay down different musical compositions including: percussion, base and synthesizer. Rotating the cubes also controls a lighting system which is synced with the musical tempo of a guest’s composition.