Air War Table at the National WWII Museum. Air War Table at the National WWII Museum.

Strap on a parachute and join the Airforce on missions over Europe

National WWII Museum
Air War Table


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Air War Table

A multitouch table reveals the story of the Air War over Europe through images, text, video and 3D animations


Tucked away in a bomb damaged Quonset hut in the Road to Berlin Exhibit at the National WWII Museum, the Air War Table takes visitors on a series of daring air raids over Europe. Unified Field created a prototype and provided concept development for the interactive Air War Table. In the prototype, guests could select from several interactive Air Force missions enhanced with multimedia content such as pop up content, 3D models, custom rendered ground cover and animated cutaways detailing crew member duties. Overhead, visitors can watch a synchronized digital formation of B-17 bombers flyby.

A Seat in the Briefing Room

Located in a replica Quonset hut, Air War Table enables Road to Berlin guests to observe historically accurate briefings and understand the intricate decision making involved in each bomber mission over Europe.

Explore Aviation Artifacts

From bomber jackets and flight suits to flight computers and navigational equipment, Air War Table immerses guests in the history of strategic air campaigns over Europe.

Maps, Missions and Animations

Through maps, animations and voiceover, the Air War Multitouch Table escorts National WWII Museum visitors on several key missions over Europe.

Interactive B-17 Bombers

Interactive B-17 bombers allow National WWII Museum guests to view 3D animations of bombardiers, pilots, navigators and machine gunners going about their onboard tasks.

Custom Rendered Ground

Air War Table provides a topdown view of several historic bomber raids over Europe at the National WWII Museum’s Road to Berlin Exhibit. Unified Field custom rendered all of the historically accurate ground beneath the action.

Air War Table at the National WWII Musem