Explore the wilds of L.A.

Natural History Museum of LA
Nature Lab

Multimedia soundscapes, 3D mapping, animations and touch screen interactives.


For its 100th anniversary, the L.A. County Natural History Museum embarked on a 5 year transformation that has filled the museum with science, technology and wonder. As part of this transformation, Unified Field Inc. designed and developed several multimedia interactives for the Nature Lab, a permanent exhibition celebrating the biodiversity of Los Angeles and inspires people to find and explore nature in the most unlikely places in LA.

Multimedia Soundscapes

To hear the music of biodiversity, one must know how to listen. Unified Field’s Backyard Sounds interactive multimedia soundscape teaches museum guests how to listen and lets them play with sounds to create their own beat.

Interactive kiosk at the the Nature Lab Museum of Natural History L.A. County- Developed by Unified Field.

The lab’s exhibits are among the most successful I have seen for children in a science museum

Edward Rothstein / New York Times

Touch screen interactive at the Nature Lab Museum of Natural History L.A. County- Developed by Unified Field.

Animal Opportunists: Interactive Game

Even in cities, nature is all around us. The Animal Opportunists is an experiential interactive that immerses visitors in the unseen wilds of Los Angeles County. Each scene is set from the animals POV, so visitors are right there with them as they try to find food and avoid dangers.

Memory maps at the Nature Lab, Museum of Natural History L.A. County, allows guests to illustrate their memories of Nature.
Bug ID interactive kiosk at the Nature Lab Museum of Natural History L.A. County.
This touchscreen interactive at the Nature Lab in the L.A. County Museum of Natural History lets guests explore the wilds of Los Angeles.
Unified Field developed the interactives for the Nature Lab at the Los Angeles museum of Natural History.