Elegant digital wayfinding showcases museum artifacts and events

New York Historical Society
Digital Signage and Digital Wayfinding

A building wide system of digital signage, digital wayfinding, and real-time data processing.


Digital signage can be one of the most valuable assets for promoting a museum’s brand identity to create a sense of arrival for visitors. As part of the New York Historical Society’s three year, $70 million renovation, Unified Field Interactive Studio worked with the museum’s marketing department to select iconic visuals from the NY Historical Society’s collection. We blended these images with 3D maps of the museum to create a unique digital signage and wayfinding system on a narrowcast network. Built on an updatable digital network, our comprehensive, museum-wide system provides real-time data processing and rendering for special events and notices with smooth MPEG4 video playback. The system included: an interactive orientation wall, an admissions desk display, an electronic directory, a digital floor directory, and a digital mapping and wayfinding system that can be found throughout the building.

Never Get Lost: Digital Wayfinding

Unified Field’s Digital Signage system for the New-York Historical Society does double duty as a wayfinding tool and a platform for presenting artifacts that may otherwise remain unseen by the public.

Maps, Artifacts and more

The museum-wide signage system at the NY Historical Society provides information, maps and listings of public programs. Each signage station also displays a stream of artifact images relevant to that location.

Updatable Museum Branding

Museum staff easily update information and curate new ‘exhibitions’ of artifact images from the Society’s collection.