The Story of the largest man-made object to orbit Earth

Kennedy Space Center
International Space Station Media Wall

Interactive Media Walls reveal the story of the International Space Station through text, video, 3D models, and live tweets from space.


In addition to our Space Shuttle Media Wall, the ISS multi-touch interactive media wall focuses on the story of the International Space Station (ISS). Packed with information, such as interactive 3D models, images, animations, video and live feeds from space, the ISS Media Wall provides both a real time as well as a historic look at the largest man-made object ever to orbit Earth. Guests can enter their zip code to find out when the space station will pass over their home.

Real Time and Historic Look at the ISS

Personalized view ports let visitors investigate a day-in-the life of an ISS crew member and view scientific experiments and expeditions.

“STS Timeline and ISS media walls have proven extremely popular with guests, who have enjoyed having an unprecedented amount of information, images and videos about the Space Shuttle Program and the ISS right at their fingertips that’s easy to search and fun to use.”

Doug Wohlert / project development manager at Kennedy Space Center

The Complete Story of the Space Station

Fully searchable, the ISS media wall tells the entire story of the International Space Station through a variety of engaging interactive explorations.

Innovative 3D Models

An interactive 3D model animates the entire process of assembling the football field sized space station.

Real Time Data from Space

Astronaut tweets from the space station are sent directly to the media wall.