Enhance Academic Community

New York University
Stern School of Business

Architectural scale digital signage and ambient media displays.


Unified Field developed a multi-installation visual montage to showcase how NYU Stern School of Business is putting theory into practice and creating real world results. The installation includes four separate digital displays. The main display poses thought-provoking questions and dynamic illustrated montages of the topics, markets, people, locations and impacts that are explored at NYU Stern. This offers a lens into the thinking and writings of students, alumni, professors, and donors in action around the world. Two additional displays continue the messaging with large-scale linear-media, environmental imagery and ambient video. A massive fourth display system consists of ten illuminated soft fabric panels that surround a gathering space with ambient branded colors transitions. Produced in collaboration with Thinc Design.

Architectural Scale Media

Expressive curated content and faculty messages welcome visitors and enhance social events.

Sophisticated Brand Content

Flexible digital signage promotes NYU’s global leadership, highlighting faculty and projects across four displays.

Fifteen Feet of Insight

Engaging questions provoke conversation and quote faculty responses revealing the philosophies and practices of the institution.