Share the wonders of technology with children of all ages

Four floors of branded interactive media enabling collaborative and personalized experiences


Sony Wonder Technology Lab is a free attraction in NYC that serves a diverse audience of mostly school-aged children. Here, they discover fun, hands-on activities designed to nurture curiosity about technology and entertainment. Unified Field designed and developed 14 multimedia interactives for the Lab. Visitors work individually and collaboratively to create motion capture and digital animations, compose music, do live broadcasts, program robots and conduct virtual haptic surgery. Everything is customized to individual preferences, so returning for another visit always yields a fresh experience. Produced in collaboration with Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership.

You're in the Picture

Personalize all the media interactives with your photo, favorite visual and musical styles.

Move It

Real time motion capture makes your favorite 3D movie characters follow all your moves.

Mix It Up

Collaborate to create your own unique musical composition.

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Program a Robot

Make a few simple commands, and your robot will express those behaviors when it interacts with other programmed bots in the ring.

Small Stuff, Big Future

3D models and animations place you right into the science of nanotechnology.

All robots at the Sony Wonder Technology lab were developed by Unified Field Interactive Studio.