Graceland Mobile Tour


Celebrate the life and legacy of Elvis with a custom, augmented tour.

To celebrate the life and legacy of Elvis Presley, Unified Field developed a multimedia guide and iPad app exclusively for the Graceland Mansion. Utilizing iBeacon technology the tour connects visitors to content, customized to their preferences and location in and out of the mansion. The tour brings life to the mansion, as visitors watch home movies or listen to Elvis’s favorite tunes in the rooms where historic events occurred. Using their tablet to drag, drop and resize iconic images of Elvis into photographs they’ve taken at the mansion and “favorite” selected content found along the tour and through QuickTime VR – the 360 degree panoramic camera views of rooms. The app helps the organization regulate the tours for maximum visitor throughput and engagement and becomes the vehicle for ongoing post visit communication. Content is available in nine languages. Everything is customized for different age groups and interests, offering a fully personalized and augmented experience for Elvis fans of all ages, keeping them connected to the Elvis legacy long after their trip is completed.

SEDG Interactive Experience Honor 2022

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