American Competitiveness Conference

World Food Expo

Unlock potential solutions to food security and world hunger.

With a focus on global food security, Unified Field created multimedia experiences for the American Food 2.0 exhibition at the World Food Expo in Milan, Italy. Underscoring the United States’ commitment to end world hunger, ‘Feeding the Planet Together’ is a multi-touch interactive table game based on The Economist’s ‘Global Food Security Index’ that challenges visitors to work together to solve problems contributing to world hunger. The interactive experience is a part of the larger story told throughout the entire USA Pavilion that covers various facets of food security, including nutrition, farming, policy, research, cooking and industry. Guests soon realize that by working together and passing these challenges from station to station, they can unlock potential solutions to world hunger. Produced in collaboration with Thinc Design.

SEDG Interactive Experience Honor 2022

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